Meet our Team!

Dr. Brian Stoynoff

Great Lakes Family Chiropractic was born in the mind of Dr. Brian Stoynoff in 2002. Dr. Brian as most people call him is a long time area resident graduating from Paw Paw High School in May of 1994. Upon graduating from high school Dr. Brian made his way to Kalamazoo Valley Community College where he spent the next 3 years getting prerequisites to gain acceptance to Chiropractic school. In 1997 Dr. Brian tranferred to Life College in Marietta, Georgia. Upon arriving at Life College Dr. Brian had to finish a few more prerequisites to finally gain full acceptance to Chiropractic school. In early 1999 he was finally admitted. After several years of "back breaking" work Dr. Brian graduated as a fully degreed Doctor of Chiropractic in Febuary of 2003.

After graduating from Chiropractic school Dr. Brian made his way back to Michigan and found employment with Craft Chiropractic Center in Charlotte MI near Lansing. He was employed there for about a year as Clinic Director of one of the largest Chiropractic clinics in Michigan. This experience gave Dr. Brian exposure to just about every type of patient under the sun. This allowed him to have many different approaches to a multitude of problems and conditions.

The Team

 As with any successful frontman a precision behind the scenes team is required. Dr. Brian has just that!! At the top of the roster is Dr. Brian's right hand (wo)man, Nancy Maxwell. She is also a long time area resident who currently lives in Paw Paw. She is the daughter in law to the great Charlie Maxwell who played for the Tigers and is also a Paw Paw resident. Nancy's job is to keep the office running smooth so that Dr. Brian can concentrate on patient care. She takes care of things such as billing, scheduling, record keeping, accounting and patient flow.

We also have a long time service which we are now giving more coverage as of late. Massage Therapy is a growing trend in alternative Heathcare circles. It is also a perfect adjunct to Chiropractic care focusing on restoring health to sick muscles and relieving stress and tension. In the past we required a visit to one of the doctors in the office prior to getting Massage Therapy but we have recently deleted that requirement. Massage Therapy is now open to everyone and does not require a Chiropractic visit . We have availability from 9am-7pm Monday through Saturday.

The hours are covered by two of the areas most sought after therapists Valerie Smith and Lee Shaw. Val as most call her has over a decade of experience under her belt with stints at many area Chiropractors in that time. Val has been with Great Lakes Family Chiropractic for over 6 years of devoted service. Val specializes in deep tissue and medical massage. Val has some of the strongest hands I have seen. Val encourages anyone with a spine to give us a call.

And last but not least is Lee Ann Shaw, Lee Ann is a forever resident of Lawrence who knows EVERYBODY out there. She has 9 years of service under her belt all done locally. Lee Ann has an interesting style using things such as hot stones in her massages, VERY NICE!! Call us today to make an appointment with any of our therapists.